Home Sweet Hood (Part one)

I love where I live.  I know it now like the back of my hand, kind of wrinkled and rough.  But familiar. Like a worn wool sweater–a bit scratchy and so what if it might overheat you at times and make you want to claw at your sides?  You know it and you love it and it’s part of you. Right?  Like those old boots that you should probably throw away because they don’t keep your feet dry anymore but you can’t because they are just too familiar.  And you really can’t afford new boots anyway.  And who needs new boots when you have OLD boots that are functional 15% of the time and have so much…character.  That’s a word, right there—CHARACTER.

I’m straying from my point.  My POINT is, that I love where I live and I can assure you, it is not something you will understand unless you, too, live here.  And if you don’t—well, poor you.

But it occurred to me, as I was sitting to write this post, that you can’t be blamed for not living here until you’ve been adequately informed of what you are missing.  And then if you decide not to live here—well, poor you. 

So…Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you live in a town where people put their bicycles away in the winter and don’t ride them in the snow?
Can you walk to a liquor store in under five minutes from your house?  Can you walk to SEVEN liquor stores in less than ten minutes?
And better yet–Can you ride your bike in December through the snow to the liquor store (or seven) and nod to your fellow neighbor a spirited ‘How-do-you-do” as he himself has just returned (en bicycle) from a similar outing?

If you can, you live where I live.  Play on, Player.
If you can NOT, see asterisks****** below.

My town has something for everyone!

Do you like animals?  We have feral cats!

Do you like calligraphy and artistic expression?  I once read the words “Rachel hates Black Marvin” on the wooden bridge at the park.  It was in green pen, the letters were real pretty-like.

Do you like coney dogs?  There are 4 Coney Islands in one half mile from each other.  There used to be five.  They never did figure out who did the arson on that place.

Like cars?  There are at least seven broken down on my street right now.  All makes, all models, all for your viewing pleasure. On that note—Like to test your skills at going in reverse, fancy yourself a pretty good driver?  Come play “I’ve got to be somewhere in five minutes and I can’t back out of my driveway because my neighbor has 7 cars in the way Tetris”.  So fun!

Have I convinced you?  If not, I am pretty sure my upcoming blog post Home Sweet Hood (Part Two)- the Ho-Ho-Holiday edition will have you selling that bourgeois Tudor you bought and moving yourself on down to the block. I will welcome you with the garbage cans I forgot to put away on garbage day.  It was only 4 days ago.  Stop your complaining.

Here is a preview of some of the unique and festive times we have here:  (It becomes Hood Style at 1:46)…

******POOR YOU!


  1. There is a contradiction to terms here. Your neighbors all have broken down cars. (Which is typical in Redford) but the term “living in the hood” is living without neighbors, burned down houses on both sides and across the street. kind of like my rentals. (Just to clarify) 🙂


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