I Don’t Wear Pants, Which is Probably Why I’m Happier Than You

pie chart about wearing pants

When my husband came home from work and found me with my naked rear end hanging out from my closet, I’m sure he thought it was an invitation.  “How you doin’?” he drawled,  his voice half muffled, because my head was buried in a mound of clothes. “Don’t. Even.” I growled, emerging from the bottomless pit of […]

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Things to Never Say to a Mom of Small Children (unless you have a death wish).

(Picture courtesy of http://www.zoo.org.au)  Picture me, eight months pregnant, with two older children marching behind me. I’m carrying my two year old through the aisles of Target, making my way to the registers as though they are the Promised Land.  The toddler is alternating writhing and screaming in my arms with a maneuver I have […]

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